Reina Remy, LCSW


A place where Reina Remy provides individual, family, and play therapy for children, adolescents, and adults by NURTURING ROOTS AND FOSTERING GROWTH

There are many reasons an adult or child may seek counseling

As we begin life we hope it will be filled with happiness, that we will have support from others when we need it, that we will be able to trust the people around us not to cause us hurt, and that we will have the skills to overcome the obstacles that do arise. This is often not the case and that is when we turn to others for help to guide us through these difficult times.

Sometimes we need support with a current situation in our lives and other times we need to heal from something that happened in the past. There are times when nothing seems to go right and we can’t seem to make it better. Others when we find ourselves feeling all alone or having trouble coping with a difficult relationship.

How I can help

When these times arise it is important to find the right support to meet you or your child’s needs. I will work creatively to help you or your child increase awareness of the solutions to the problems in your lives. We will be exploring thoughts and feelings and learning to enhance the healing that comes from listening to your body. I will be emphasizing self-nurturing experiments and using expressive arts techniques. I will develop a nurturing and compassionate relationship with you in order to help you or your child feel better. By working together we will improve the quality of your lives, your relationships, and your future.
I believe the quintessential element in effective therapy is developing a collaborative safe connection with you or your child. This relationship will allow expression of thoughts and feelings so that we can work on real and lasting change.  I will use clinically proven techniques to  increase awareness of patterns that are no longer working for you or your child. We can then collaboratively develop coping strategies to help you or your child to increase adaptive emotional regulation, develop mindfulness practice and balanced thinking tools, and enhance your self-esteem by gaining a sense of mastery.