There are many reason adults may seek out the support, guidance, and healing that therapy can offer. You may be struggling with managing daily moods whether due to anxiety, depressed feelings, low motivation, overwhelm, stress, thoughts of suicide, or general unhappiness. You may be experiencing that effect of a past trauma that continues to create difficulties in your life. Many adults have trouble finding satisfying or healthy relationships or experience loneliness. Very often grief can be a major factor with your day to day functioning and ability to live your life. If you have children, along with the joy they bring, many of us also experience significant stress and anxiety around our parenting struggles. Stressors you may seek support for many come from how to cope with external sources such as work, relationships, pain, not enough time for self-care, or decisions your facing. The difficulties may also arise from internal factors such as a short fuse, little patience, anxiety, worry, exhaustion, not knowing how to calm yourself, or mentally beating yourself up for not meeting your expectations.

My knowledge and experience in diverse areas allows me to support you to learn to cope through these stressors and begin to build hope and transformation into increased happiness and peace within yourself. I am able to pull from several approaches to guide you in a way that fits your needs and goals. My training and experience with several forms of trauma treatment can help you begin to heal and transform you life. Knowledge on how to teach emotional regulation strategies to manage depressed moods, anxiety, anger, or general agitation. I can help you practice effective tools to tolerate distress and learn to cultivate calmness/acceptance. We can also explore skills to learn healthy communication styles and develop secure attachments within your relationships with others. I can help you learn how to parent in a way that reduces stress, manages meltdowns, and increases connection with your child or teen. I will be working with you to support the development of  a plan for self-care and ways to motivate yourself.