Trauma & Grief



Finding relief from grief and truama

We can be left feeling alone and even crazy at times when bad things happen. The despair can be overwhelming. Intrusive thoughts we can’t get rid of. Never feeling safe or able to enjoy anything. We often develop strategies that keep us from feeling the pain in order to make it bearable that work in the short-term. However, in the long term these strategies  can create barriers to connecting with others and being able to enjoy life. Sometimes we feel like we deserved what happened, that we caused it to happen or that we just don’t deserve a happy life.

We may feel like we are always looking out for something bad to happen, that we just cannot relax or enjoy anything, or that we just struggle to maintain a relationship. We may believe that being on guard can help us feel a little safer as if we can prevent something bad from happening or at least minimize our reaction to it.  In reality, however, this state of  being on high alert takes us away from being able to enjoy life and connect with others. Instead of being present in life, we are in our heads with worries, fears, and distrust.

I am here to help. The first step is beginning to develop a relationship with trust in order to feel safe to process theses struggles. Then we can collaboratively work to heal from the inside out using an individualized approach that fits your needs. We will find ways to live your live again and brighten the light at the end of the tunnel.